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Designing an Eat In Kitchen

Kitchen renovations of any kind might have you contemplating changes to your space.  Let an eat in component, with all it has to offer the family, be one of them.

Family eating dinner in the kitchen

It used to be that the kitchen was where friends and family bonded over great food and great conversation. With the increase in popularity of the dining room, many home owners found value in more storage. The eat in area was taken over by more cabinets. Many eat in kitchens from the 50’s and 60’s have since been redesigned to utilize space with storage in mind. Eat in components were all but eliminated in these redesigns.

Until most recently, newly built kitchens have been created with some alternate seating that didn’t involve sitting around a table. The island was born and this multipurpose surface became the alternative to table and chairs.

Most recently, with homes that are being build bigger than ever, eat in kitchens are making a comeback. Not just a few stools behind a counter, but a full-fledged table with chairs, giving the kitchen back its title of being the focal point of the home.

Aside from formal dinners, an eat in kitchen just makes sense.

If you’re considering a new eat in component or simply want to revamp your existing eat in kitchen, there are many seating options to choose from.

  • Nook seating is versatile and can make use of just about any extra space in and around the kitchen.
  • Benches give you the opportunity to provide more seating that the kitchen space might not otherwise allow. Bench seating is great for large and active families.
  • Chairs are the old stand by. Chairs and tables give great design quality to any kitchen space. Tables, whether round, or rectangle, take up more room and may be reserved for a kitchen space that is in abundance of square footage.
  • Stools have found their way into many kitchens because they give so much and ask for so little. A stool can be placed under a counter or island. A collection of stools can provide seating to a kitchen that may otherwise not have room for any seating at all.
  • Banquette seating, with it’s versatility, allows many diners to find a place to sit in just about any shaped space.

Which seating options you ultimately decide on, will greatly depend on the space you are working with. Perhaps a combination of more than one of these options is the answer.  Kitchen renovation is not cheap. You will want to consider your present needs as well as your future needs. If you are a growing family, a round bistro table with two chairs won’t likely serve your needs for long.

An eat in kitchen is a place where homework is done, the pie crust is rolled out, the crossword is nearly completed and the place where the newspaper gets read. With an eat in kitchen, you and your family will come to enjoy all kinds of solid pastimes. Pastimes that will bring the family together under the aroma of your great cooking.

The kitchen remains the place where everyone meets. Let them take a seat with an eat in kitchen. If you are considering doing a kitchen redesign of any kind feel free to Contact us at The Wright Kitchen and speak with the kitchen redesign experts.

Timeless Kitchen Trends

If you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen, chances are you are hoping that this one will be the last one you have to do for at least a few years. Renovations, and even less involved remodeling projects require an investment of both your time, and finances. Doing it right the first time is at the top of your priority list.

A trendy kitchen

Your kitchen is a hub of activity. You want it to be as inviting as it is stylish and functional. In order to achieve this look you will want to avoid potentially fleeting fads and instead focus on timeless trends. The following are just a few of The Wright Kitchen’s favourite timeless kitchen trends.

Classic Shaker Cabinets

A shaker cabinet style imparts a look of modern traditionalism that will never go out of style. Shaker style cabinets are best, and most reliable when they are made from quality materials. Most of the time, shaker style cabinets are painted a white, or off-white colour that is guaranteed to go with nearly every colour scheme. Over time, these cabinets can be refinished and repainted to look fresh, and brand new! Quality materials and classic design can be combined with more fleeting trends to keep your kitchen your favorite room in the house.

Keep It Neutral

Neutral doesn’t mean boring. It means versatile, classic, timeless. Neutral also doesn’t mean beige. Think instead of soft greys, charcoal, slate, even navy. These shades effortlessly combine with a huge variety of colour schemes to look clean, and well put together. When choosing a colour, consider choosing an “off the rack” colour that you can easily match in the future.

Opt For Marble Countertops

Nothing says classic like marble. Not only does marble stand the test of time (take a walk around a museum!) but it also looks extremely sophisticated. It is going to be quite the investment, so take your time choosing a marble countertop – you’re going to be washing those countertops for years to come. Depending on your style preferences a predominantly white, or black countertop is the norm when it comes to marble. A white countertop will add levity and brightness to a space of any size, meanwhile black lends an air of classic modernity to your kitchen.

The Farmhouse Sink

A farmhouse sink is as functional and gorgeous as it is timeless. There was a time, however, when farmhouse sinks were not chosen for their good looks, but instead out of necessity. Before indoor plumbing, water had to be retrieved from lakes, rivers and wells to get dinner ready, wash dishes, and generally keep things clean. A big sink was the best way to get the job done. Gradually, these same sinks were adopted into houses with plumbing, and became a favourite among housewives for their ergonomic, functional design. Today farmhouse sinks are a focal point in their own right.

Regardless of how “timeless” a kitchen trend is, it still needs to be installed correctly the first time, The Wright Kitchen can help. Contact us today for more details on our services.

Worst Kitchen Designs and Trends

When it comes to renovating any room in your home, trends will certainly be a topic of debate. Which trends should you adopt, and which ones are more hassle than they are worth? Well, definitely the ones not to adopt are the ones that never made it off the chopping block to begin with! For whatever reason, the kitchen has forever been a favorite space to test out new design techniques and tricks – some of which have improved our lives, and others just simply haven’t. Read on to learn more about some of the worst kitchen designs and kitchen trend flops ever.

Man cooking food in microwave

The Appliance Garage

In theory, the appliance garage makes an incredible amount of sense. It is a little nook where countertop appliances can live. They are out of sight and out of mind, leaving the rest of your counter space clean and clear. That said, an appliance garage actually takes up more space than it saves. By having a counter level cupboard dedicated to hiding away your toaster and kettle, you are wasting valuable inches that can only be used for one task. As a general rule, all cabinets should be located above counter level. If you like the idea of storing away your toaster until you need it, dedicate one cupboard to your seldom used kitchen appliances.

Carpets in the Kitchen

It defies logic how carpets ended up in the kitchen. With all the spills and drips associated with even the tidiest of cooks, a carpet is a recipe for disaster! And yet, it happened. If you or anyone you know has a carpeted kitchen, you’ll know just how impossible it is to get that thing clean. Sugar, coffee grounds, cream cheese (eek), you get the idea. Carpeted kitchens are not only a dated design choice, but they also don’t offer the same level of hygiene you would like for your kitchen. Get it out of there!

Countertop Microwave

Okay, okay, now we know saying countertop microwaves never took off as a trend is a bit of a stretch since they were the norm up until the last decade, but with cabinet makers finding more and more places to fit your microwave into the overall design of modern kitchens the countertop microwave trend is almost extinct in the modern kitchen. Most people have come to realize that by elevating your microwave you can create more countertop space for other tasks.

Wallpaper in the Kitchen

Over the past few decades, wallpaper designs have gone through some monumental design changes. While at one point the word wallpaper was interchangeable with loud floral pattern, today, there is a wallpaper for every room and design preference. Should you opt for wallpaper in your brand new kitchen, do your best to stay away from busy patterns. Your kitchen is going to be busy enough without the walls adding to the drama. Heavily patterned wallpaper can make a small room feel even smaller.

Are there any kitchen design trends taking place in modern day kitchens that you feel aren’t going to stand the test of time? Tell us about them!

To learn more about how The Wright Kitchen can transform your kitchen, contact us today!

What Is the Meaning Of Being Baeumler Approved?

With today’s array of contractors that homeowners can select among, most people find the task of securing someone reliable, qualified and trustworthy somewhat overwhelming. While some homeowners may get a referral from a friend or neighbour about a good renovation company, what do you do if you’re not so fortunate to have someone to call upon?

Baeumler Approved logo

Over the last several decades, celebrity endorsements have sprung up for anything from soup to nuts and the home renovation business is no different.  Many contracting companies no longer just belong to accredited associations, but these days they are also approved by well-known renovation industry celebrities, like Bryan Baeumler.

Bryan Baeumler, a custom home builder and host of HGTV’s Disaster DIY and House of Bryan, understands the challenges that homeowners face when looking for reputable contractors for renovation work. To that end, Bryan has created his own list of Baeumler Approved contractors that has his stamp of approval for home renovations.

Since the launch of their contractor referral program in early 2012, there are about 300 contractors and firms associated with the program and the list continues to expand. Over the course of time, the Baeumler Approved program has established alliances with a variety of organizations, such as Lowe’s Canada.

The homeowner has peace of mind knowing that members of the Baeumler Approved list have both regulatory certifications for their trade and liability insurance to ensure the safety of the work performed. The goal behind the referral program is to provide the homeowner with a guarantee of both quality and consistency in order to maintain a superior level of service through independent and confirmed references. When a homeowner sees the nation-wide Baeumler approved logo, they can feel confident that the symbol represents integrity, quality and service.

How does it work?

For a business to be approved, the company must submit an application. The staff at Baeumler extensively researches the company’s background to ensure that there is a history of quality work. They also require the business have insurance through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), liability insurance and members must sign a code of conduct based on Bryan’s principles.

Homeowners can review potential contractors on the website to evaluate their backgrounds and credentials. Baeumler’s Approved is just another method in searching for a reputable contractor in the referral program arsenal, in addition to checking out the Better Business Bureau or on-line reviews. Whenever you see the Baeumler Approved logo shown on a potential contractor’s business card, sign or poster, you can rest assured that the company will comply with the established code of conduct in the signed agreement.

Is it just for referrals?

According to spokesperson Stephen Weir, Baeumler Approved is more than a referral program because the organization encourages its members to collaborate and interact with each other on their work. In addition, the staff at Baeumler Approved works directly with its members and provides them with benefits and discounts. Most importantly, when a client uses a referral contractor through the program, there is a place for the client to make a complaint should a problem arise.

Even though members are extensively vetted, conflicts may still exist, but the Baeumler organization has a mediation process in place to deal with such conflicts.  If need be, they can even suspend or terminate a member’s account for more serious infractions that might occur. Though not a full-proof system, it helps to weed out the bad guys of renovation, but it’s still important that you to do your research beforehand to avoid any potential problems down the road.

If you think that you would be interested in getting your kitchen redone by a Baeumler approved company then Contact the Wright Kitchen today!