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Kitchen Trend Predictions for 2016

Nothing quite transforms the look of a home like a kitchen renovation. Over the years, we have seen many trends come and go and we are very excited about some of the new design ideas that are on the horizon. The following are some of our top kitchen predictions for 2016.

Trendy Kitchen

  1. Semi-Custom Cabinets

These are the ideal mix of personalization and affordability! Modern cabinet companies are now providing a wide range of styles, colours and functions to suit any home décor. This allows for personalization without the high cost of custom cabinetry.

  1. Open Plan

If you have one of those homes where the party always ends up in the kitchen, then consider bringing in the New Year with an open plan kitchen. Features such as islands and breakfast bars give you space to prepare food while you are laughing and talking with your guests at the same time.

  1. High gloss

Super glossy walls, cabinets and countertops not only provide a futuristic look but they make for easy cleaning from spills and sticky fingerprints. There is no limit when it comes to palette either. Choose bright whites, earthy neutrals or vibrant shades of reds, teals, limes and yellows.

  1. Brushed steel

Stainless steel appliances and fixtures have long been a favourite of homeowners and the demand for them are showing no signs of slowing down. Trends have shifted however from shiny to brushed steel. Pair this with dark or matte colours to really accentuate them.

  1. Warmer metals

While stainless steel will remain popular, there will also be more of a shift toward the warmer hue metals. Shades of gold, brass and copper will be seen in cabinet hardware, light fixtures and faucets. Consider a copper range hood or a gold-flecked glass backsplash.

  1. Porcelain surfaces

Porcelain for sintered compact surfaces will see a surge in popularity in 2016. While it shares some of the qualities of quartz or engineered stone, porcelain is the clear winner when it comes to heat and stain resistance. Because it is available in so many thicknesses, porcelain can be used on everything from countertops to vertical surfaces like backsplashes and cabinet doors.

  1. Comfort is in

Expect to find more comfort in kitchen furniture trends in 2016. Kitchen chairs and stools will take on more organic shapes and make use of fabrics such as cotton and wool linens.

  1. Contemporary country

Contrast the charm of traditional soft pastels of a country kitchen with contemporary dark wood cabinets made from mahogany or walnut. This trending look for 2016 will delight both lovers of traditional and vintage kitchens.

  1. Texture

While modern, minimalist white kitchens will remain a popular choice, you can also expect to see more homeowners choosing a texture. Textured laminate on cabinet fronts and textured glass or stone on backsplashes will add visual interest.

  1. More storage

Storage will be a key feature of kitchen design in 2016. Many new appliances now come with added storage drawers. Easy to use cabinet doors that open with a touch as well as hidden cupboards will make it easier than ever to tuck away dishes, utensils and small appliances.

So if you’re considering a kitchen makeover for the new year, contact us and we will help you determine if any of these up and coming trends are right for you.

Electric Stove Vs. Gas Stove

Cooking is one of those wonderful things we do on a regular basis. It brings us together as a family. Nothing beats the smell of a home cooked meal. That’s why it’s so important to have a stove that is reliable and efficient. These days there are so many choices of stoves, from contemporary finish to a rustic appeal. But the most important decision is to decide if your stove will be electric or gas. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages to each.

Gas and Electric Stove Burners


When it comes to getting the job done, the gas stove will give you an advantage since the heat it provides is almost instant and remains at a steady temperature throughout the cooking time.  The flame of a natural gas stove cooks food more quickly and evenly. On the other hand, the electric stove elements take longer to heat up to your desired temperature; however with most modern electric stovetops being a solid glass surface with a sleek appearance, the heat is distributed evenly to the pot or pan.

Electric stoves are easy to use; you simply turn the knob to the desired setting. Gas stoves require you to light the element. You need to be careful about making sure the element isn’t left on when the flame is out as this will allow gas to enter your home.


Not our favourite part of cooking, but cleaning your stove is a necessary task. When you have an electric stove, cleaning your stove can be accomplished very simply, especially if it has the smooth glass surface. Spills and splashes can be easily wiped away.

With a gas stove, cleaning is a bit more difficult because you need to move the heavy cast iron grates from the burners. Each of these burners have various parts which can be accidentally moved out of alignment possibly resulting in an uneven flame the next time you use the stove.

Power Source

Your electric stove runs on normal household electricity. However, electricity utility costs can be higher than if you used a gas stove. Gas stoves tend to be cheaper to run but require specialty hook-ups to your kitchen which can be costly, especially if you don’t already have a gas line to your home. Overall, the operating and energy costs of your stove will be lower if you use a gas stove.

During a power outage your electric stove will not work, however, your gas stove will continue to work so you can still cook a meal for your family.

The Cost

Another thing to consider is the purchase price. Overall, the cost of a gas stove can be considerably higher than an electric stove.  However, as previously mentioned, the operating cost of a gas stove is lower than the operating cost of an electric stove.

When deciding on which to purchase; gas or electric, consider your needs and your lifestyle. It’s also a good idea to check with friends and family and see what they use and how they feel about their choice. In the end as long as your stove is reliable and efficient it will be a trusted appliance in your home.

You also want to make sure that the stove fits into your kitchen design and space. Our experienced team at Wright Kitchen would be happy to meet with you and come up with a design plan that would suit your kitchen’s needs best. Contact us and we can book you a free consultation today.

Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Even if you aren’t the most enthusiastic cook, you can’t beat a good kitchen gadget. And if you are an extremely enthusiastic cook, even better! Kitchen gadgets are there to make our lives easier in the preparation or consummation of food, or to make one of our creations look better and more professional.

Whether it is the latest in knife technology or a gadget to remove the top from a boiled egg, there is almost a gadget for every culinary problem – and one for things that you didn’t even realize were a problem.

three different kitchen gadgets all in use

Here are some of this year’s best kitchen gadgets:

Jenaluca Herb Scissors

It is always a bit of a job finely chopping those herbs. The Jenaluca herb scissors have just made that job so much easier – the scissors are comprised of four separate blades meaning that herbs can be cut quickly and evenly, giving your herbs a professional look and distributing the flavour more evenly. Check it out on Amazon Here.

iGrill2 Thermometer

This thermometer does more than just measure the temperature of the inside of your food. Its multiple probes mean that you can track up to four different foods in one session, and it will link directly to an app on your smartphone to help you monitor at all times. Check it out Here.

Ravi Wine Chiller

Any wine buff will tell you of the problem of chilling your wine to exactly the right temperature. Not only is it a question of time, but it’s also getting it to the right temperature – which varies from wine to wine. This wine chiller fits over the top of the bottle and will chill the wine to exactly the right temperature as it pours out of the bottle. Check it out on Amazon Here.

Quirky’s Egg Minder

A specialist egg tray combined with a smartphone app can be used to tell you which of your eggs is oldest and which you should be using first to avoid wastage. The special LED technology in conjunction with the app can tell you which eggs to eat first and also notify you when you are running low on them. Check it out on Amazon Here.

Simplehuman Sensor Trash Can

This trash can works on a sensor basis to know when it should be opening for you. Much like a foot pedal trash can, but without the hassle, this means that even with your hands full or messy you can keep your kitchen looking pristine.  Check it out Here.

Simplehuman Sensor Soap Pump

This soap pump works in exactly the same way as the trash can. It senses when your dirty hands are close by and dispenses soap accordingly. Meaning no more greasy soap dispensers or pastry encrusted pumps. Check it out Here.

Technology is one of the fastest moving areas of our world and the kitchen hasn’t been forgotten in this. Things change every day in the world of design – whether it is with small gadgets or on a larger scale with kitchen design itself.

At The Wright Kitchen, we use all the advances in design and technology to create the most effective, useful and innovative kitchen cabinets and surfaces to make your life as easy, comfortable as stylish as possible.