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Choosing the Right Kitchen Style for You: How to Choose Between a Contemporary, Modern, Traditional or Transitional Kitchen

By | 2015-09-22T17:17:02+00:00 September 22nd, 2015|The Wright Kitchen|

At The Wright Kitchen one of our favorite parts of any kitchen project is deciding what style to design the new kitchen in. The most common options are contemporary, modern, traditional, and transitional. But what do all of these actually mean? Your lifestyle, and style preferences play a big role in deciding what your kitchen

Kitchen Counters Make a Statement

By | 2015-09-09T11:59:08+00:00 September 9th, 2015|Kitchen Renovation|

Over the years, kitchen counter trends have seen a bounty of new materials that will inspire you to renovate your countertops for the most up-to-date statement. Kitchen counters are a focal point of any kitchen and although more costly, they are a wise investment. Whether you’re renovating your existing counters or choosing countertops of a