2022 Kitchen Trends: Our Experts Give You The Scoop 



It’s hard to believe that 2022 is just around the corner! We’ve been loving the kitchen trends we’ve been seeing the past year, and if you’re thinking about renovating your home, looking at kitchen trends is a great place to start establishing the kind of style you’re looking for. We asked our designers what they think the biggest kitchen trends will be in 2022, and here we’re their top 10 predictions of where kitchen design is headed.  


Trend #1: Minimalism  

The minimalist kitchen has really gained enormous popularity over the last ten years, and it’s likely this kitchen trend is here to stay. Clean lines and flush cabinetry make this kind of kitchen design optimal for large or small kitchens, which is one of the reasons why it’s such a fan favourite.  


Trend #2: Mixed-Materials 


Mixed materials are a trend we’re loving this year. The combinations of wood, marble, and tile come together to create unique spaces that have a rustic but still modern appeal.  


Trend #3: Coffee Nooks 

With work-from-home being the new normal, many homeowners still crave the ritual of going to the coffee counter for a fresh brew. We’ve seen an uptick in designated caffeine stations, and the trend appears to be on the rise.  


Trend #4: Built-In Wine Fridges 

image with kitchen and display area 

A built-in location to store your wine is a big trend for 2022 kitchen islands. We’re seeing the kitchen become more of a hub than ever, with new homeowners opting for open-concept spaces that can be used as dining rooms as well.  


Trend #5: Green Cabinetry  

emerald green kitchen cabinetry

We’ve been seeing a rising trend in home décor, with palettes becoming more earthy and neutral with pops of greenery. That style has made its way into the kitchen, and green is taking over from 2021’s blue as one of the most popular kitchen colour requests.  


Trend #6: Matte Black  

Matte black décor is making a big comeback for the 2022 kitchen season, but it can be a tricky colour to work with. Make sure that you work closely with your designer if you choose this colour scheme, it may not be as low maintenance as you think.  


Trend #7: Statement Light Fixtures  

statement light fixtures in kitchen

Light fixtures really are the cherry on top of the kitchen cake. Changing your fixtures can breathe new life into a room and, especially in the kitchen, add much-needed light. For 2022, we’re seeing our clients asking for bigger and bolder fixtures.  


Trend #8: All-White Kitchen  

all white kitchen  

The all-white kitchen is a modern classic that will stand the test of time. The great thing about all-white kitchens is, they have the ability to totally shape-shift with different accessories, which is one of the many reasons why they are so popular with homeowners.  


Trend #9: Rustic Farmhouse Elements 



Rustic is making a big comeback in 2022. Experimenting with textures and materials creates a lived-in look that our clients are loving right now, and as a bonus, these kinds of kitchens tend to be much lower maintenance than some of their sleeker counterparts.  


Trend #10: Open & Glass Shelving 

  open shelving

With display cases for glassware falling out of fashion, built-in glass or open shelving has taken its place to showcase standout dishware.