Our team has seen (and fixed) hundreds of faulty kitchens over the years. We’ve put together the top five kitchen remodeling mistakes we’ve seen, so you can avoid them.  


 1. 0versizing Islands Without Considering The Whole Space

We know a giant island with tons of storage is one of those kitchen items that every homeowner dreams of, and in the right space, it provides a beautiful and functional focal point for your kitchen. However, when it comes to island sizing and location, it is crucial to consider the flow and size of your actual space. An oversized island in a smaller kitchen will end up making the space feel tight and take away crucial aisle space that allows you to move freely through your kitchen.  


2. Choosing Style Over Functionality 

One of the first questions we ask our clients when they are beginning the design process is; what is the day-to-day use of this kitchen going to look like? Glass cabinetry is a beautiful option, but not if you’re not into organizing what’s behind them on a consistent basis. Certain countertops offer a stunning visual, but have to be maintained regularly, and do not hold up well to stains. When working with your kitchen designer, make sure to consider not just how you want your kitchen to look, but also how much work it will take to keep it looking that way.  


 3. Not Considering The Light 

Even the brightest kitchens with the biggest windows are dark once the sun goes down, and in Canada, that can be as early as 3 pm. When we talk about kitchen lighting, most of our clients immediately think of the lights that will go above their island. While these lights are important, and undoubtedly a focal point of any kitchen, they may not offer the amount of light you need to function in your space efficiently. Ideally, your kitchen should have options for softer lighting as well as a brighter lighting option for when some serious cooking is happening. Lighting that is above or below your cabinetry can also accentuate design elements that you love the most about your space.  



4. Thoughtless Electrical 

It should be obvious that kitchens require ample electrical outlets, but you’d be surprised how often we enter a space where the chief complaint is either a lack of sufficient electrical outlets or outlets in extremely inconvenient locations. When it comes to electrical, you’ll never regret having as many options as possible to plug in your appliances. Having multiple options creates an ease of movement when you are cooking, and also offers multiple location options for permanent counter items like coffee machines and standing mixers.  



5. Not Considering The Home As A Whole Space 

A very important question when deciding the design for your remodel is; is this going to match the rest of the house? If you are doing a total home reno, this question is less relevant, because your contractor will have likely considered the design elements as a whole. However, if only your kitchen is being remodelled, your contractor should consider how it will look in comparison to the other areas of your home. We see many clients who come to us with Pinterest boards full of modern kitchens while the rest of their home is rustic. Your contractor should be able to bring elements of those designs into your new kitchen while still making sure it fits in with the rest of your space.  



When it comes to kitchen renovation, your contractor’s priority should first and foremost be how you are going to function within your space. Make sure that your contractor understands how you use your kitchen, and the goals you have with your finished space.  If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us here, or click here to view some of our recent work.