When homeowners Todd and Jill decided to move from Burlington to Carlisle, they had a vision of what their new home would look like. Avid design enthusiasts, the pair wanted a space that was functional and bright, while still being the kind of kitchen you don’t see everyday.

The Process:

Initial Kitchen Woes:

kitchen before renova

When Todd and Jill purchased this home, the kitchen was small and dark. Yellowed cabinetry paired with black appliances and countertops really stole the light from the space, and the layout made it difficult to move easily through the kitchen the way they wanted to.  In order to create the space this family needed, our team knew we would have to completely rethink the layout of the entire main floor.

Revamping The Space

main floor before renovation

In order to create the Kitchen Todd and Jill envisioned, Trish, the TWK designer on the project, created a plan for a completely open living space. The stairs by the kitchen were unnecessary, adding bulk to the space, while the wall separating the living and dining spaces closed off all of the light that could be coming through the substantial windows at both the front and the back of the house.

kitchen during renovation

As you can see in the image above, removing the wall separating the living and dining room let in so much light! Once the walls came down, it was time to put together a completely new kitchen space.

Cabinetry & Countertops

renovation in progress

Once we opened up the space, it was time for our favourite part of any renovation, custom cabinetry! The dark slab cabinets in this space were charcoal stain on maple, and the island, coffee station, and floating shelves were melamine.  Our team went with slab cabinetry to go with the modern aesthetic that Todd and Jill were looking for, and because we planned to put a statement backsplash and gold hardware, having shelves without too much detail helped keep this space from looking too crowded.

The Results:

Functional Entertaining

kitchen after remodel

Todd and Jill wanted a kitchen space to remember, and Trish definitely delivered! The layout for this space was carefully thought out.

Coffee Nook

modern renovation with two tone shelving and gold hardware

The coffee nook was placed closer to the living room, so guest could easily help themselves even when the kitchen was in use.

5″ Kitchen Island

kitchen with pot lights and statement pendant lighting

Todd and Jill wanted a substantial island that they could sit at for casual meals, and use as a serving space when they were entertaining. Because of this, we put a second sink on the island to make for easy post-party cleanup.


Microwave Drawer & Hidden Trash Receptacle

modern kitchen after renovation with two tone shelving

The kitchen island in this space was outfitted with a microwave drawer, both to save counter space and to avoid the need to reach up when handling hot containers. Hidden trash and recycling areas are also built into the island, so there is no need for an exterior trash can.

This dramatic kitchen transformation proves that with the right design team and the right vision, the most unexpected spaces can be totally transformed. We’re so grateful to Todd and Jill for trusting us with their vision, and we couldn’t be happier with how this reno turned out. If you’d like to read more about Todd and Jill’s experience with The Wright Kitchen, click here.