Kitchen Redesign

What to do with that corner cabinet in your kitchen?

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When planning your kitchen renovation, the question about what to do with the corners is usually a contentious one. Shelves? Lazy Susan? Lemans?  or just kill it? Here's a look at the pros and cons of each: 1. Shelves can be a cost effective and simple solution to corner storage and can be integrated into

Timeless Kitchen Trends

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If you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen, chances are you are hoping that this one will be the last one you have to do for at least a few years. Renovations, and even less involved remodeling projects require an investment of both your time, and finances. Doing it right the first time

The Minimalist Kitchen Trend

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If you have leafed through a magazine lately, you have probably taken a moment to check out the trendy, minimalist kitchens that grace those glossy pages. Whether wood, granite, or cement, minimalist kitchens are defined by sleek horizontal and vertical lines, functional and unobtrusive appliances, frameless cabinetry and the occasional pop of trendy colour.

What to Consider When Redesigning Your Kitchen

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Hurray! You’re ready to embark on your kitchen renovation! Like we’ve discussed in previous articles, remodeling your kitchen has the potential to dramatically increase the value of your home, as well as your enjoyment of it! Gone are the days of disorganized tupperware, and out of reach storage spaces. Redesigning your kitchen allows you to