1.Set your budget and know what you are getting in to.

Like most renovations, kitchens can get out of hand if you don’t do your homework up front. Make sure you have a solid understanding of costs related to the tear out and removal of your existing kitchen, plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, flooring, lighting, appliances, new cabinets, countertops, backsplash and installation. It sounds like a lot, but if you plan properly and budget accordingly, these things can all come in on time and on budget.

2.Determine your style

Most people who want to renovate their kitchen have seen something they like, either in person, online, on TV or in a magazine. The best way to settle on a style is to share images of these kitchens with your designer and find something within your budget that achieves the look you desire. If you plan to sell your home and are hoping to add value by renovating the kitchen you will want to make sure you select a style that is current, but wont quickly go out of style.

3.Design for Utility

Your kitchen is the working part of your home and like most homeowners you probably spend a lot of time in it. When designing your new kitchen it is important to make decisions that will contribute to the utility of the space you have available. Islands and peninsulas can add great functional counter space as well as integrated seating areas where you can talk comfortably to your family and guests as you prepare meals.

4.Don’t over do it.

Sometimes less is more in a kitchen. Try to limit the number of design features that you use in your layout and make the ones that you do choose special. By highlighting one or two areas of the kitchen, you can create interesting and elegant spaces without looking too busy or overdone. With the popularity of Commercial Grade appliances, many homeowners choose to feature a stove wall or a build-out around a large refrigerator as the focal point of their kitchen.

Remember that if part of your plan, in renovating your kitchen, is to sell your home, the design choices you make need to be timeless and elegant.