Kitchen renovations of any kind might have you contemplating changes to your space.  Let an eat in component, with all it has to offer the family, be one of them.

Family eating dinner in the kitchen

It used to be that the kitchen was where friends and family bonded over great food and great conversation. With the increase in popularity of the dining room, many home owners found value in more storage. The eat in area was taken over by more cabinets. Many eat in kitchens from the 50’s and 60’s have since been redesigned to utilize space with storage in mind. Eat in components were all but eliminated in these redesigns.

Until most recently, newly built kitchens have been created with some alternate seating that didn’t involve sitting around a table. The island was born and this multipurpose surface became the alternative to table and chairs.

Most recently, with homes that are being build bigger than ever, eat in kitchens are making a comeback. Not just a few stools behind a counter, but a full-fledged table with chairs, giving the kitchen back its title of being the focal point of the home.

Aside from formal dinners, an eat in kitchen just makes sense.

If you’re considering a new eat in component or simply want to revamp your existing eat in kitchen, there are many seating options to choose from.

  • Nook seating is versatile and can make use of just about any extra space in and around the kitchen.
  • Benches give you the opportunity to provide more seating that the kitchen space might not otherwise allow. Bench seating is great for large and active families.
  • Chairs are the old stand by. Chairs and tables give great design quality to any kitchen space. Tables, whether round, or rectangle, take up more room and may be reserved for a kitchen space that is in abundance of square footage.
  • Stools have found their way into many kitchens because they give so much and ask for so little. A stool can be placed under a counter or island. A collection of stools can provide seating to a kitchen that may otherwise not have room for any seating at all.
  • Banquette seating, with it’s versatility, allows many diners to find a place to sit in just about any shaped space.

Which seating options you ultimately decide on, will greatly depend on the space you are working with. Perhaps a combination of more than one of these options is the answer.  Kitchen renovation is not cheap. You will want to consider your present needs as well as your future needs. If you are a growing family, a round bistro table with two chairs won’t likely serve your needs for long.

An eat in kitchen is a place where homework is done, the pie crust is rolled out, the crossword is nearly completed and the place where the newspaper gets read. With an eat in kitchen, you and your family will come to enjoy all kinds of solid pastimes. Pastimes that will bring the family together under the aroma of your great cooking.

The kitchen remains the place where everyone meets. Let them take a seat with an eat in kitchen. If you are considering doing a kitchen redesign of any kind feel free to Contact us at The Wright Kitchen and speak with the kitchen redesign experts.