One of the biggest renovation trends in the Oakville, Burlington, Ancaster and greater Hamilton market is the “main floor reno”. Real estate prices are high, interest rates are low, moving is expensive and you love your location. Problem is, your house and kitchen are outdated and you have rooms you don’t use. Ah the centre hall plan home…they are everywhere! What we are seeing a lot of is the complete main floor reno, where dining room and living room walls come down, ceilings and floors get replaced, new pot lights, plumbing and electrical get installed, and new kitchens get designed to make the best use of this new space. Kitchen cabinetry has come a long way and kitchens are now considered part of the living area of the home. Younger families with busy lifestyles don’t want separate formal living and eating areas…they want big brand new kitchens with islands and pantry’s and cool storage solutions. What starts as a kitchen renovation, turns into a lifestyle renovation.

So when you tear down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room and open up the living room wall…you have a lot of space to fill. The first thought is to put in a giant island with lots of seats and lots of storage. Then the question becomes…is the island too big? Do I really want to walk around this giant kitchen island every time I need to get to the other side of the room? In these newly created “long kitchens” you might want to consider 2 islands!…one for the work and one to enjoy the fruits of your labour. If you are doing a main floor renovation that includes a kitchen and taking down walls creates a large long space to plan, ask your kitchen designer to consider 2 islands. After all, everyone deserves an island of their own.