Creating a functional and beautiful space requires the consideration of so many different elements of each home that we design. The core layout of the space, combined with renovation options and the overall flow and style that our clients are looking for are all things that we meticulously plan out before creating our design plans. For this home, our clients wanted a modern oasis that was bright, but still had some personality. Our designer Christie Best utilized different textures and design elements to give this family the home they’ve always dreamed of.

The Kitchen:

 The goal for the kitchen was to make it enjoyable and easy to cook and clean in this space while still paying close attention to design and aesthetic. Each of the elements we selected were chosen with that in mind.


The Setup:

kitchen from the front angle showing the island and the cabinetry

Stacked ovens to the left of the stove were chosen both to afford more storage space to the main area of the kitchen, and to make the space more accessible.

open kitchen cabinetry

open kitchen cabinetry to showcase depth

open drawers in kitchen

Ample shelving and drawer space throughout the entire kitchen ensures there is a space for absolutely everything.

The Design: 

wood covered exhaust in kitchen

One of the most striking elements of this kitchen is the custom wood exhaust. Creating this custom piece was no small feat, and the matching shelving is perfect for showcasing your favourite kitchen items. In order to keep with the modern and eclectic vibe these clients were going for, our designer combined this bleached wood with a mosaic backsplash and a very subtle marble countertop. The unique and different textures create interest in the space, but the neutral colours keep things from looking too heavy.

kitchen image showcasing round and square cabinetry handles

Alternating round and square hardware with full-overlay frameless cabinetry keeps in tune with the overall feel of the space, and the black and white mirrors the hardware and countertop choices.

image of kitchen showcasing large picture window with trees outside

This space had stunning windows and beautiful greenery outside. We wanted to make sure that these were featured, choosing window frames that disappeared into the wall, and sconces that didn’t obscure the view.


The Pantry:

image of the pantry. the dining room can be seen on the other side

Because of all of the beautiful natural light in this space, our design team made the choice not to close off the pantry, and instead creating a walk-through space that moves from the kitchen to the dining room.


Master Bath:

image of the master bath with a focus on the light wood cabinetry and black framed mirrors

In keeping with this modern-rustic theme with a little touch of eclectic, our design team chose several unique elements for this space. Glass shower doors and black hardware, which are traditionally more industrial elements, were paired with a rustic-style wood grain. The combination of these two stylistically different elements are still neutral, which allows for them both to shine in the space.

master bathroom with the cabinetry open

Custom cabinetry allowed for our team to really make the most of this space.  Our client really wanted ample storage space here, and counterspace was less important. With 3-ft deep drawers and 2-ft deep cabinetry, there’s enough space to store everything our client needs so that the countertops can remain uncluttered.


Second Bath:

image of the bathroom showing the mosaic tiling and the shower

close up image of the cabinetry

This beautiful off-grey colour combined with silver hardware and mosaic tile pulls from all of the elements our team used throughout the design of this space. To keep things cohesive, we used the same style of mirror as the master bath, but changed up the rest of the space to make sure it didn’t look too similar.


Third Bath:

It was important to our client that each bathroom had cohesive elements, while still creating individual spaces and styles for each. For the third bathroom, we used the same style of cabinetry and hardware as the second bathroom.



When designing and planning a complete home renovation, our team takes into consideration all of the different elements and how they will work both alone and together. Creating a space that reflects the inhabitants within is no small feat, but Christie executed this project flawlessly. If you’d like to learn more about custom cabinetry for your home, click here.