If you are in the process of remodeling or renovating your kitchen you are probably surrounded by a sea of potential floor plans and layouts. It’s an exciting time! But how can you be sure that your kitchen is going to be up to the job? Making sure that your brand new kitchen is the right size for everything you need takes planning, preparation, and organization. It’s simply not enough to simply make sure you have enough cupboard space. Oh no, making sure that you have the space for all the cooks in your kitchen is just as important.

a couple designing their kitchen


The Kitchen Triangle

Chances are you already know about the Kitchen Triangle. If not, we have Another Blog that is a great read and it’s all about increasing your kitchen efficiency. The kitchen triangle is basically a term used to describe the highest high traffic area of most kitchens, which is usually made up of your stove, fridge, and sink. According to kitchen design theory, these are the three most often used appliances in your kitchen, and obstructing the flow of this space slows down your kitchen efficiency to a snail’s pace. When it comes to designing your kitchen, proximity to the plumbing dictates where the sink will be located. From there, the stove and refrigerator are put into action. During a remodel, chances are you aren’t going to want to relocate the plumbing, so situating your kitchen triangle is virtually done for you. However, if you are renovating your kitchen all together, having a professional relocate the plumbing may help make the space more efficient.

Counter Space and Storage Options

When designing your new kitchen, take the time to imagine it in use. Who is going to be using your kitchen the most? How many people will be using the kitchen? And what will they be doing there? The kitchen is a multi-purpose room. Homework gets accomplished, socializing is done, science experiments are undertaken, and of course, meals are eaten here. When remodelling or renovating your kitchen, take into account all of these activities and create spaces for your lifestyle. Counter space, dining space, and storage space are all essential elements of a well designed kitchen. When it comes to storage space, don’t stop at the pots and pans. Create a space for newspapers to be tucked away during mealtimes, for cookbooks, for half finished homework projects, etc. An island with built in shelving goes a long way to reducing clutter on surfaces.

Getting Down to Kitchen Measurements

In the kitchen, space is important. Every inch counts! A counter space that is too small, or a kitchen triangle that is too large can drastically influence how much you enjoy the space, and not for the better. According to kitchen design experts, every part of the room needs to be planned out. Whenever possible, doorways should never be less than 32 inches wide, meanwhile passageways should be at least 36 inches wide. When it comes to the kitchen triangle, the sum of the three sides should not be greater than 26 feet. The optimal length of each side is between four to nine feet. When it comes to counter space, ensure that there is at least 24 inches on one side of the sink, and at least 18 on the other. Lastly, you should be looking to include at least 158 inches (or just over 13’) of usable counter space throughout your entire kitchen. How does your kitchen measure up?

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