At the Wright Kitchen, our team designs custom cabinetry that is unique to each home that we renovate. Each section is put together with functionality, space, and aesthetics in mind. When it comes to kitchen renovation, there are many different options for your space, each with its own list of advantages. We’ve broken down why we love custom cabinetry for our clients, and some of the things that can be a little bit more challenging.


Pros of Completely Custom Cabinetry:


Aesthetically, you just can’t beat custom

There is no mistaking the look of custom cabinetry. Custom shelving looks like it was made for your space because it was made for your space. With custom cabinetry design, the options are truly endless, which means we have the capacity to give your home exactly what works best.


High quality materials

Stock kitchen cabinetry is likely not made from top quality materials, and customers are rarely given details on how the cabinets will function over time based on the specifications of their space. Intricate joints and dowels are used to piece together a system by hand, while stock cabinetry is usually put together with inexpensive materials that have a five year lifespan at best.


Way More Cabinet Space

When you have completely custom cabinetry, space is more optimized. Because custom cabinetry is able to fill any dead space, you’ll almost certainly have more storage available to you than you would with a non-custom option.



On average, custom cabinetry last 2x longer than stock cabinetry before needing any sort of repair. This is because of the materials used and the installation practices involved.


Cons of Custom Cabinetry:


Timelines are often much longer

Because custom cabinetry is specialty designed, the timeline for a renovation is quite a bit longer than ordering stock cabinetry.


Repairs can be expensive

While it’s not very likely that your cabinetry will sustain serious damage, if it does, repairs will likely be more expensive. Replacements will also have to be customized to fit your space, likely adding time and money to your repair.


Other Cabinetry Options:


Stock Cabinetry:

Stock cabinetry comes in pre-defined sizes. Unfortunately, it’s quite rare that your kitchen will conform to these sizes. This means that your contractor will have to cut and resize these cabinets to fit your space. This compromises both the integrity of the cabinets themselves, and puts your cabinets at risk for cracks even before they are installed. A jigsaw-style renovation also means that your contractor will likely take longer to complete your job.



Semi-Custom Cabinetry:

Semi-custom cabinetry is stock cabinetry that is made with customization options, usually from the manufacturer. While this is better than stock cabinetry, sizing, colours, and stains will probably be fairly limited, and the fit will be largely dependent on the layout of your kitchen.



When you’re considering re-doing your kitchen, it’s important to think not just about the aesthetics of the space, but how it will function as you use it. Kitchens are the most high-traffic area of any home, so it’s crucial that you factor in all of the elements before choosing to embark on your renovation. If you’re unsure where to start, get in touch with us, The Wright Kitchen team is here to help your kitchen dreams become a reality.