It goes without saying that the kitchen is the central spot of the home and impacts the rooms that are adjacent and their traffic flow. Before you set off to update your existing kitchen since it needs a fresh look or designing a kitchen from the floor up, it pays to be informed about some of the current kitchen design trends.

The latest kitchen trends

Even if your budget is limited, there are a few key details that can change your kitchen into an up-to-date showcase that will enhance your décor and add value to your home. The latest Kitchen trends need to strike a balance between the trendy and classic so that the work that is done today will last for years to come. Staying power in kitchen home design is an important factor when you decide to give your kitchen a facelift.

One of the most notable changes in the past several decades is the evolution from the closed off rooms to the open floor plans. Open floor plans continue to be a trend because they satisfy the feeling for connecting. Today’s home trend is to integrate the foyer, kitchen, dining and living functions all into one large space.  What this means for a trending look in kitchen designs is that the décor should have consistency throughout so that there is a harmonizing appearance from one space to another. Although the adjoining spaces do not have to be too exacting, your kitchen should have accent colours or other key components that tie the rooms together.

If you ask any kitchen designer about today’s streamline kitchens, they will tell you that updated kitchens feature several ways to add better functionality and a personal touch as a reflection of your personality. Here are some of the many practical and popular features that are trends in the updated kitchen of 2015:

  • Open shelving is popular including cook tops, wall ovens and under-counter options such as wine drawers, added refrigeration and microwaves
  • Pull-out faucets remain a popular trend in kitchens.
  • Brushed nickel, pewter, polished chrome and antique bronze finishes for faucets are definitely on the top of the list.
  • Kitchen hardware and various forms of lighting including task and under counter lighting are popular options.
  • Stainless steel appliances including bottom freezer style refrigerators continue to be the number one choice for homeowners in the kitchen.
  • French doors for openness and a feeling of luxury are currently on the trend list.
  • Energy-efficient appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, cooktops and ovens are stylish and save money.

Integrating Technology:

Without a doubt, technology has changed how we live, especially in the kitchen. The kitchen is home central and a place to not only gather with family and friends, but a place where we manage family schedules, work and study. Green features that are being incorporated into kitchen designs include energy efficient windows, dual flush toilets and low flow faucets. In addition to the Energy Star rated appliances, these green features are playing more dominant role in house trends.

Selecting Your Style:

From previous decades of clutter, today’s styling trends in the kitchen favor the less is more look. Kitchen aesthetics emphasize clean lines with simpler ceiling mouldings and more subtle accents for creating a stronger focal space that is an easier to maintain space such as:

  • Flat-panel or Shaker-style cabinets
  • Granite countertops, kitchen islands, butcher blocks and stainless steel appliances
  • Glossy ceramic, porcelain, granite or glass tile backsplashes
  • Kitchen flooring that has a natural look such as ceramic, hardwood, cork and stone.

Kitchen Colours:

What you’ll see in today’s kitchens are colour trends that incorporate soft and muted tones such as creamy neutral palettes with just a hint of colour. You will also find that painted, stained and matte finishes are being coordinated with wood with the additions of earth tones for accent.

The latest Kitchen trends come and go so when you decide to update an existing kitchen or a newly installed kitchen, keep an eye on the classic styles, but with a new twist so you’ll always remain in fashion.