For families with young kids that have to bundle up and unbundle from the winter weather, storage and access to everything they need can be tricky…and messy. If your mud/laundry room isn’t working for you, there are a number of relatively inexpensive options that can help turn that space into a neat, clean, functional and organized storage centre.  By combining the following storage solutions into the design of your mud/laundry room your kids will more organized and your room will function much better:

  1. Cabinets – There are some things in a mud/laundry room that just need to be behind a door. Cleaning products, shoe care products, rags, light bulbs etc…are not pretty to look at and belong  behind a door where they are out of sight and out of reach for young children.
  2. Open Shelving and Baskets – The best place for hats and mitts, when they are not on your hands and head are in a basket on a shelf, where they won’t get lost and the dog won’t eat them. There are a number of basket styles and and materials to choose from – cloth, metal, weaved, plastic or wooden – depending on personal preference and style. Shelving and baskets can be placed at heights that are appropriate for the age of your family and the type of stuff you are storing in the baskets.
  3. Hooks for Coats – No matter how many times you tell your (my) kids to hang up their coats, they end up on the floor or thrown over a chair. Coat hangers can be cumbersome for younger kids even if they manage to get their coat onto a hanger – they usually fall off. Open Hooks are easy, functional and practical for kids to use. There are also a number of choices for hooks that look very cool. Even if your child does throw their coat, there is a chance the hook will catch it!
  4. Seating – Without a place to sit and put on/take off boots and shoes, they too usually end up being flung into a corner or the back of a closet…never to be reintroduced to their mate again. With a comfy place to sit, kids won’t be tempted to kick their boots/shoes off and will likely be able to get ready quicker!
  5. Drawers – Every mudroom should have drawers (under the seating) for a quick and easy place to put shoes and boots and anything else that you want out of sight, but easily accessed. Drawers are also great tools for teaching responsibility and accountability. You can give each child their own drawer and make them in charge of what goes in and out of it…you may also need a little patience.

By integrating these types of storage solutions into one well planned laundry/mud room, your life will become more organized and your space will function the way you do!