For many homeowners, the kitchen is considered the center of family and social gatherings. The kitchen seems to be the one room that is always filled with people, vitality, delicious smells and various textures. Renovating the kitchen helps to improve its visual appeal and is a worthwhile endeavor. Studies show that kitchen remodeling can improve your return on investment by a considerable amount. And if you are going to renovate your kitchen then you are going to need a way for everyone to brightly see all your changes.  So why not read up on some modern kitchen lighting trends.

Modern Trends in Kitchen Lighting

Modern Kitchen Lighting trends

In particular, kitchen lighting is an important aspect for creating the overall “wow” effect and making your kitchen come alive. Even if you’re on a budget, a few trendy updates can create pizzazz in this space and make it look almost brand new. Today’s kitchens reflect a more diversified style of living and updated lighting is an extension of the more current look.

Kitchen lighting depends a great deal on the size and complexity of the kitchen space. Although the kitchen is still the primary place to prepare meals, many of today’s new homes have an open concept where the kitchen is adjacent to nearby rooms, like a family room. If this is the case with adjoining rooms flowing into the kitchen, it will demand a blend of general, task and accent lighting.

You can highlight your kitchen’s design by including some new styles and trends in modern kitchen lighting. With more kitchens opting for fewer upper cabinets in the kitchen, there is more space open for the many decorative task lighting styles available. Task lighting is an important aspect for most kitchen designs and routinely used over an island or counters. Bold fixtures that are over-sized are gaining in popularity for kitchen design. These accents make a dramatic statement in the kitchen while under-counter lighting is still the preferred choice for enhancing counter tops.

All-Purpose Lighting:

For larger kitchens, general kitchen lighting is best achieved using either recessed pot lights or an over sized decorative chandelier. The best positioning for recessed lighting is around the perimeter of the room and approximately 30 inches in from the wall. When you think chandeliers, the best possible light will be achieved with translucent glass for an even distribution of light and ease of cleaning.


Under-cabinet lighting is ideal for illuminating your counter tops. They come in many styles, including slim, energy-efficient fluorescent lights, miniature track lights and low-voltage linear systems. Remember to install under-cabinet fixtures toward the front part of your cabinet instead of the back wall. This position will allow a more even distribution of light over the area below. Another suggestion for under-cabinet lighting is to have them on their own dimmer control for creating a dramatic impact with different lighting depth.

Sink or Range:

When you’re working over the sink or range, you will get the best even illumination with recessed down-lights. They are available in a variety of styles and trims, including types of metallic finishes. For homeowners looking for a unique design look, square down-lights are gaining in approval. If space is an issue for recessed down-lights, a track system is a good alternative for the added light required in these work areas.

Kitchen Dining Area:

The lighting over the kitchen dining table should be a style and type that can function for a multitude of purposes from dining to homework, hobbies or social visits. A decorative lighting pendant is not only useful for tasks that take place at the table, but it offers a distinctive style and personality. Most hanging lights are approximately 30 inches above the table top.

Island & Breakfast Counters:

You want to have sufficient lighting over these two areas so it will be more effective to combine task and general lighting. One of the best ways to provide the amount of illumination that will do the trick is to add a group of odd number miniature pendants spaced with one every two feet of counter space. By mounting an uneven number, you will create a sense of balance in this area.

If you’re considering changing around the Lighting of your Kitchen then trust no one less than the best. Contact The Wright Kitchen today for expert advice and help on everything kitchen related.