Raspberry Bush Trail

About This Project

Collaborating with clients seeking a contemporary kitchen, the challenge lay in transforming their existing space into a modern haven. With a distinct vision in mind, the clients and I engaged in a collaborative process, weaving creativity and practicality to devise the optimal layout that seamlessly blended a sleek, modern aesthetic with functional design. Their enthusiasm and open-minded approach made the entire project a joy to work on, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas. It was truly gratifying to witness their satisfaction as we brought their vision to life, turning their kitchen into a stylish and functional masterpiece. Working with such awesome clients made the entire design journey an inspiring and rewarding experience.

Door Style
Plain slab white high gloss acrylic. MIRALIS

Quartz countertop Caesarstone

Dale Ecclestone did this full renovation

Blumotion, tip on push to open hardware.