Having a kitchen that is low maintenance doesn’t have to sacrifice style or aesthetic appeal. If function is your main concern, consider these options when making design decisions for your space.  

  1. Choose An Undermount Sink

It seems like a small detail, but having an undermount sink (a sink that has no edge trim) allows you to wipe crumbs and spills directly into it, which can be a lifesaver for daily kitchen messes.  


2. Have A Hidden Space For TrashAnd Recycling

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you know just how quickly trash can pile up and become unsightly. Having a trash and recycling area that is built into your kitchen cabinetry will save you time, and help keep your space clean.  


3. Choose Stained Opaque Cabinetry

Stained cabinetry is advantageous for two reasons. Firstly, it already has multiple colours in it, so slight imperfections are less likely to show. It also doesn’t show fingerprints, which can be a lifesaver when family members are constantly in and out of the kitchen.  


 4. Choose Flooring Without Grooves 

No matter how clean you keep your kitchen, it is inevitable that grout will discolor over time. Opt for a kitchen floor that has little or no crevices, like vinyl plank flooring or site-finished wood.  


5. Avoid Open Shelving 

Open shelving looks great if everything behind it is neat, organized, and matches. If your goal is a low-maintenance kitchen, opaque cabinetry is a much more efficient choice.  


6. Choose Your Countertop Wisely 

The look of a marble countertop is undoubtedly beautiful, but stains easily and has to be maintained frequently. A better choice for high-traffic kitchens is a durable quartz countertop, which is now made in more styles than ever. Some quartz options even mimic the marble aesthetic without the maintenance! 



When homeowners are looking to renovate their kitchens, the functionality of the space is  as crucial as the design decisions. Low-maintenance kitchens can be just as beautiful as their higher-maintenance counterparts, all it takes is a little planning and some help from The Wright Kitchen. If you’re looking for a kitchen update, get in touch with us here, and make your kitchen dreams a reality.