If you have leafed through a magazine lately, you have probably taken a moment to check out the trendy, minimalist kitchens that grace those glossy pages. Whether wood, granite, or cement, minimalist kitchens are defined by sleek horizontal and vertical lines, functional and unobtrusive appliances, frameless cabinetry and the occasional pop of trendy colour.

Minimalist Kitchen

A Wright Kitchen Designed Minimalist Kitchen

The Appeal of the Minimalist Kitchen

Above all, modern kitchen design promises cleanliness, sophistication, and functionality – all elements appreciated by the contemporary homeowner. Whether incorporated into a historic home or built from the ground up in a new build, done right, a minimalist kitchen can complement any style. Minimalist kitchens emphasize an innovative, forward thinking style, with a nod both to historic design elements and contemporary conveniences. Hidden appliances, state of the art refrigerators, and highly advanced kitchen technology all feel right at home in a minimalist kitchen alongside retro art and sterling silver cutlery.

Lighter Than Air

One of the most beautiful elements of a minimalist kitchen is their emphasis on light and space. Despite being home to industrial grade appliances, and seemingly heavy metal accents, minimalist kitchens incorporate open floor plans, natural light, and artificial light in ways that add levity to the area. Modern, minimalist kitchens use light colours from the cabinets to the wall colour to further enhance the natural light experienced in the kitchen area. Skylights, walls of windows and open floor plans are all used to add an even lighter feeling to this highly functional space.

Wood Minimalism

While classic, glossy white is certainly a minimalist kitchen go-to, streamlined quality wood cabinetry has come to define many a modern kitchen. The versatility and durability of wood cabinetry has been a homeowner favourite for decades. At Wright Kitchens, we love collaborating with homeowners on bringing the kitchen renovations of their dream to life.

Minimalist wood cabinetry have several things in common: frameless design, clean lines, uniformity, and natural grains. Using the wood’s natural grain, professional cabinet makers transform a single piece into a design element in its own right. Using a variety of lacquers, shellacs, and stains, a single grain becomes a focal point in minimalist kitchen cabinetry.

Minimalism as a Frame of Mind

A minimalist kitchen doesn’t end once the cupboard doors are opened though! Despite the fact that as a society we own more than ever before, minimalism in its own right is becoming a popular trend. People across the world are swearing off superfluous possessions in favour of a fewer belongings, in the hopes that it brings them a lighter, more clear sighted outlook on their lives. If your kitchen is anything like most kitchens in Canada, there are drawers of gadgets and tools you rarely – if ever – use. In this article, one author writes about the 16 things your kitchen can do without. Items from crockpots to juicers, and even a knife block are being viewed now more than ever as unnecessary.

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