Built-in cabinetry isn’t just for kitchens. Home offices can benefit from the functionality and space that custom cabinetry provides, especially when your workspace is in your kitchen or guest room. If you’re struggling to find a functional workspace, here are three great options for multi-purpose rooms that will get you organized and save space.  

A Kitchen Work Nook 


Kitchens are often one of the brightest areas in the home (and closest to the coffee maker), which makes them an ideal space for an office nook. Having the space built into your kitchen makes the entire room look more cohesive, and helps your workspace look like it fits right into your kitchen. In the example above, for instance, the storage above the desk is the same as the cabinetry in the rest of the kitchen, and the desktop seamlessly feeds into the rest of the room. You can use the cabinetry for work documents, while still maintaining the vibe of the entire room.  

Custom Office Shelving With Built-In Murphy Bed 



If you don’t love the idea of having your office in the kitchen, using a guest room as an office is a great option. But, if you have guests often, or just want to keep that space as a guest room, installing cabinetry that includes a murphy bed is a great option. As you can see above, a murphy bed can fit seamlessly into an office space without compromising the look of the room. A nice bonus in regard to these kinds of unit installations is they actually up the resale value of your home in the same way that any other renovation does. Having built-in spaces that are multifunctional is a huge selling point, especially given how much time people are now spending at home.  


Built-In Living Room Office 

living room with built-in office space


The living room is another great option for a home office setup, especially because the décor works exceptionally well together. Desks can be worked into the space (like the cabinetry pictured above) and put away when needed, so that you’re not sacrificing a ton of living room space, but you don’t have to be constantly moving the items on and around your desk.  


When it comes to custom cabinetry, the best part about it is the ability to design for your unique space and functionality needs. When you do this, you end up with an optimized space that is multifunctional without feeling bulky or cluttered.  If you’re looking to upgrade the cabinetry in your home, click here to contact us, or click here for some major home inspiration!