It’s the gathering spot for many busy families and as such, the design of kitchens in the home is always evolving. Recent design trends are paying attention to the need for beauty as well as function. Here are six of the most prominent kitchen design trends, and we think they’ll be around for quite a while!

Move toward a furniture look

Whether you love a farmhouse style or want a very upscale look, using appliances that look like an actual piece of furniture is becoming popular. One reason for this is the fact that you aren’t locked into one style of plain, plastic front on the appliance. You can express your creative side and go for a more eclectic look.

With the furniture look, you can mix and match different finishes and styles. The refrigerator can be turned into a piece of furniture instead of a stainless steel hunk that just screams, Look at me – I’m here!

To pull off the furniture look, you use the same style principles that make decorating work in any other room.