Every homeowner’s definition of “modern” is a little different. As the saying goes, one person’s modern is another person’s no thanks. Well, no one says that yet, but we think it will catch on. There is no one type of modern kitchen. There are as many forms of modern kitchens as there are cabinetry hardware.

Modern Kitchen design

A Modern Kitchen with a Sleek, Glass, Steel and Wood Design

While kitchens were at one time classified by traditional, transitional, or modern, today’s kitchen can be new traditional, modern/rustic, eco-modern, vintage modern, minimalist, or mainstream modern. We’re in the beautiful “no wrong answer” phase of home decorating, and we love it. Our job is finding out what modern means to you, and making it happen. This all said, there are some characteristics that define “modernity” when it comes to the kitchen.


Modern kitchens use colour in innovative, understated ways. It is important to note that there is a difference between contemporary kitchens and modern kitchens. Contemporary kitchens will include more colour. Think accent walls, decorative vases, bright light fixtures, and colourful appliances. Meanwhile, modern kitchens includes less colour and focuses on textures. In a modern kitchen you can expect to see a monochromatic tile, or glass backsplashes, or perhaps single toned pale blue cabinets. Colour, is a versatile and easy way to express your kitchen style. Updating countertops, hardware, and appliances, are all low maintenance renovations.

One Word: Sleek

Modern kitchens are by definition sleek ones. Smooth, polished, and uncluttered surfaces prevail. Appliances tend to blend directly into the cabinetry, often making houseguests have to search for the major appliances. When it comes to cabinetry, flat and frameless is the go-to style. Instead of cabinets separated by frames, you’ll find highly polished flush cupboards throughout the kitchen. Instead of traditional wooden cabinetry which features bevelling and thoughtful ornaments, kitchen cupboards in modern kitchens lay flat, allowing the structure to speak for itself.


When it comes to hardware, it is either integrated into the shelves themselves, or it speaks to the kitchen’s overall look and feel. Often, the hardware mirrors the orientation of the cupboards. Horizontal drawers will showcase long, metal pulls that run seemingly seamlessly from sleek drawer to drawer. Similarly, vertical shelving will use vertically oriented pulls that elevate the space.

Think Natural: Glass, Steel, Wood

Modern kitchens make ample use of natural elements. Keep an eye out for natural wood grains, both highly lacquered and more subtly finished, concrete countertops, polished granite and marble counter, glass and stainless steel. In modern kitchens, stainless steel appliances are the norm, as they provide the sleek look sought after in modern kitchens, and are incredibly versatile.

Industrial Elements

It wasn’t until the dawn of modern kitchens that industrial elements made their way into the residential home. Hood vents, commercial grade stoves, double wide sinks, and industrial style lighting can all be used to create an industrial modern aesthetic.

Regardless of your take on modern interior design, finding an aesthetic that speaks to your lifestyle and responds to your culinary needs is always in style.

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