When it comes to renovating any room in your home, trends will certainly be a topic of debate. Which trends should you adopt, and which ones are more hassle than they are worth? Well, definitely the ones not to adopt are the ones that never made it off the chopping block to begin with! For whatever reason, the kitchen has forever been a favorite space to test out new design techniques and tricks – some of which have improved our lives, and others just simply haven’t. Read on to learn more about some of the worst kitchen designs and kitchen trend flops ever.

Man cooking food in microwave

The Appliance Garage

In theory, the appliance garage makes an incredible amount of sense. It is a little nook where countertop appliances can live. They are out of sight and out of mind, leaving the rest of your counter space clean and clear. That said, an appliance garage actually takes up more space than it saves. By having a counter level cupboard dedicated to hiding away your toaster and kettle, you are wasting valuable inches that can only be used for one task. As a general rule, all cabinets should be located above counter level. If you like the idea of storing away your toaster until you need it, dedicate one cupboard to your seldom used kitchen appliances.

Carpets in the Kitchen

It defies logic how carpets ended up in the kitchen. With all the spills and drips associated with even the tidiest of cooks, a carpet is a recipe for disaster! And yet, it happened. If you or anyone you know has a carpeted kitchen, you’ll know just how impossible it is to get that thing clean. Sugar, coffee grounds, cream cheese (eek), you get the idea. Carpeted kitchens are not only a dated design choice, but they also don’t offer the same level of hygiene you would like for your kitchen. Get it out of there!

Countertop Microwave

Okay, okay, now we know saying countertop microwaves never took off as a trend is a bit of a stretch since they were the norm up until the last decade, but with cabinet makers finding more and more places to fit your microwave into the overall design of modern kitchens the countertop microwave trend is almost extinct in the modern kitchen. Most people have come to realize that by elevating your microwave you can create more countertop space for other tasks.

Wallpaper in the Kitchen

Over the past few decades, wallpaper designs have gone through some monumental design changes. While at one point the word wallpaper was interchangeable with loud floral pattern, today, there is a wallpaper for every room and design preference. Should you opt for wallpaper in your brand new kitchen, do your best to stay away from busy patterns. Your kitchen is going to be busy enough without the walls adding to the drama. Heavily patterned wallpaper can make a small room feel even smaller.

Are there any kitchen design trends taking place in modern day kitchens that you feel aren’t going to stand the test of time? Tell us about them!

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